Program Description / Duration AIA Learning Units Presenter
DWS 17 Building & Occupant Use Trends / 1hr 1 CEU/HSW Trained DWS Rep
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Learning Objectives:

  • Assess current building material technologies 

  • Explore emerging occupant use trends  

  • Identify problems with traditional doors that do not support construction / design & occupant use trends

  • Learn how architectural direct drive door systems support current & future designs trends

  • Opportunities for architectural direct drive doors to contribute to LEED / sustainability credits

Program Description: 

Traditional production doors are very limited in applications where architectural design integration is a priority.

The course provides insight into emerging building construction and occupant use trends in various types and applications of customizable architectural openings. New life safety features and standards are introduced as well as how doors can contribute to a sustainable design with energy efficient, high performance components that require, less valuable building real estate.

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