Introducing Arc 3-d™

Architectural Direct Drive Door System™

Experience the dramatic differences

DoorWall Systems with Arc 3-D™ allows you to convert spaces, connect worlds, and design without limits.

  • Zero sidewalk projection.

  • Custom manufacturing and engineering.

  • Integrated high-security applications.

  • Matching wall cladding and glazing.

  • Compliance with UL 325 and NEMA requirements.



  • The Arc 3-D™ 3 HP, 3 phase, low-profile motor with safety brake system, mounted seamlessly in header area.

  • COMPARE: 1 horse power, single phase motors that mount visible on finished wall at header with no safety brake mechanism and require belts to operate.

  • BENEFIT: More powerful motors have increased longevity, and improved capabilities in size, cladding, and other design elements.

screw drive & Lift Block 

  • Arc 3-D™: DWS uses a Ball Nut-embedded Block system featuring a Steel Screw Drive and Nut System made of common alloy steel. These components are designed to work together and are sourced from a singlemanufacturing partner for better performance, no maintenance and longer life. 

  • COMPARE: Corresponding screw drive thread pattern that installs into their aluminum lift block (not using a nut).

  • BENEFIT: The Arc 3-Dcompatible Steel Screw Drive and Nut System produces a true "Load-Lock" safety function. Other doors use a Steel Screw with incompatible Threaded Aluminum which will strip and potentially break when the Steel Screw Drive drops a heavy load on the lighter-weight, incompatible, threaded aluminum block.


  • Interior or exterior mounting.

  • Ease of installation via pre-assembly of operational components in the factory. 

  • Modularized for easy install on site.



  • Arc 3-D: Drive shaft connects with gear boxes to rotate the Screw Drives.

  • COMPARE: Drive belts, spread across the installation that can move and snap.

  • BENEFIT: More reliable components eliminate variables and produce safer, longer lasting systems.



We believe that safety is not simply a benefit, it’s a mindset. DoorWall Systems are safer by design, which is proven by the built-in safety features in every installation.

  • 250,000+ continuously cycled tested.

  • Motor equipped with safety brake system.

  • Integrated Load-Lock fall protection designed to lock and catch door instantly.